About Yuliette Ason’s

As a student, I produced several movies such as Subterfuge that were accepted at the New Filmmakers Festival in New York and won the best movie at the Sarasota Film Festival 2016. Jailhouse Rock Bottom in 2017, The Wine Taster, Alzheimer’s, etc. However, Locus Est is my first short professionally as a producer and directed by Freddy R. Rodriguez in 2016. Which it was accepted and nominate at the Urban Film Festival 2019 in the category of Best Local Short Films. It is available on digital platforms like Amazon Prime. I had collaborated at other shorts that had been directed by other directors such as In the Name of God by David Jaure Rosembsum, Eureka by Nathan Mikita, Rose of el Rio by Dean Alexander, The Hastings, Lay Me Down To Sleep, and Antoni-A by Miguel Miller.

My production company is called Paradoxical Films. The website is www.paradoxicalfilms.com. In which I had teamed up with the director & friend Freddy R. Rodriguez. As a creator, I love the process that a story goes from the script to the screen. It is magic that you have to live it to feel it. As a filmmaker, I had done many sacrifices and gone through a lot of struggles, but in the end, its result is worth it.