About Carlos Diaz

Carlos E. Diaz was born in Venezuela and grew up spending time between Venezuela and the United States. He learned both Spanish and English as a young child and is completely fluid in both languages. Mr. Diaz was married and has 3 amazing children that he counts as his proudest accomplishments, for they are truly a blessing. He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and a Masters in International Business. Carlos had a long and fruitful career in Telecommunications sales.

Most recently, Carlos followed a life long passion for movies and has since immersed in working on a number of projects, in various different capacities. Carlos has worked as a producer, assistant director, and location manager. Mr. Diaz has had the privilege to work under various production houses, such as Paradoxical Films, Jaded Films, and for Miguel Miller productions and M2 Films.

His contribution has been seen in the following productions:

  • Dawn of Retribution
  • Eureka
  • The Hastings
  • Let Me Down To Sleep